• No money in the world can replace such experiences!

  • The views you see… it just made me speechless, my heart was racing, a big smile on my face… as if I was in love!

  • After 3 weeks in Iceland seeing the country from the ground, this topped off our first trip here.

  • My son exclaimed after helicopter trip was over: "This was the best trip in my whole life".

  • Whatever you do in Iceland - make this your number one choice!

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Why choose Norðurflug Helicopter Tours in Iceland?

The true essence of Norðurflug Helicopter Tours is a great group of people. We are rated as one of Trip Advisor's top activities in Iceland and that reflects our affection for exceptional customer service and high operational standards. It's a simple formula... We simply love what we do! We are outgoing, friendly and just as amazed by Iceland as you are!


We have the most experienced pilots in the private sector. During your tour you might hear behind the scenes stories about the filming of movies like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Oblivion, Interstellar, Noah, Prometheus, Flags of our Fathers Batman Begins!
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We have the largest fleet of helicopters, and therefore the most flexibility and different departure times to suit all your travel needs. For your comfort, all seats of our helicopters face forward, and we put safety first as the fleet is serviced around the clock.
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Testimonials on Trip Advisor confirm that we deliver a 5 star treatment, followed by a memory you will cherish. The experience will most likely be the highlight of your whole trip to Iceland.

If you do one thing in Iceland – Do this! -TA review
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Helicopter Tours

A helicopter tour reveals the incredible geology and surreal beauty of the island.

We are the oldest helicopter tour company in Iceland with an experienced team of pilots, some of which have been flying around the island for 30 years! Trust us when we say, we can show you nature like you've never experienced it before.

We are based in the capital city of Reykjavik but don't let that fool you into thinking we can't fly you to all parts of the island. We are experts in helping you plan the perfect custom tour with all the right stops along the way! To enquire about custom tours please send us an email at info@helicopter.is. Or, to browse through our tours, just click on the pictures below.

Combo Trips

Make the most of your time in Iceland!

So much to do in Iceland but so little time? Why not combine some of the finest activities Iceland has to offer! We offer plenty of options to choose from - hot or cold, extreme or calm ... the choice is yours. We offer both one way and return helicopter flights, and our tours vary between spending an afternoon relaxing in the Blue Lagoon - to experiencing the adrenaline rush of hopping on a snowmobile and riding on the endless white snowfields of Iceland's Langjökull glacier. You can explore a magma chamber that travels deep underground, dive in the clearest you've ever seen, stroll through an Ice-Cave that's situated inside a glacier, and even more!

Let us know what you are interested in and we will make it happen.

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