January 13, 2020 Norðurflug

The Making Of FlyOver Iceland

Iceland‘s newest attraction, FlyOver Iceland, had their Grand Opening in Autumn 2019. In just these few months since this ultimate flying ride opened it has become one of Iceland‘s must-do experiences! Even Icelanders wait in line for this experience as they say they’ve never seen their island like this before, and it was truly the most popular Christmas present 2019 as it was almost under every Christmas tree in Iceland to go experience this beautiful show.

Norðurflug Helicopter Tours and FlyOver Iceland are great partners and we are proud of our involvement in the making of FlyOver Iceland. Our amazing AS 350 B2 Ecureuil helicopter was used for the filming of these beautiful shots all over Iceland and the aircraft was flown in the good hands of our great Chief Pilot, Jón Björnsson. No pilot in Iceland has more experience of capturing Iceland‘s beauty by helicopter as Jón has worked on many film projects in Iceland through the years.

pic. from FlyOver Iceland.

Up to 30 scenes were filmed, and many of them in remote places all around the island that are hard to reach for the average person. The lens of the camera, attached to the helicopter, is the bird‘s eye view of the island, and with the special effects of wind, mist and scents combined with the ride‘s motion you truly feel like a bird flying freely over the untouched nature!

FlyOver Iceland opened in Grandi Neighbourhood, the historic, central and trendy neighbourhood of Iceland and is easily accessible by foot, car or bus. For more information on how to get there, hours and pricing we recommend you visit https://www.flyovericeland.com/


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