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Behind the scenes we would not be able to make such memorable tours happen without our lovely CEO and accounting department. One of the main reasons working here feels like you're part of a family, is the fact that this husband and wife are the heads that keep it all together.

Birgir Omar Haraldsson Nordurflug Helicopter Tours in Iceland


Hrafnhildur Joakimsdottir Nordurflug Helicopter Tours



There are plenty of good pilots in the world and you can just imagine how many of them want to get paid for guiding tours over the island that has it all- Iceland. We understand the importance of being enriched by someone's presence, and therefore we hand pick good pilots that are friendly, outgoing and just as amazed by Iceland as you are. Our experienced pilots have a thorough knowledge of the mountainous terrain and an ingrained respect for the Icelandic weather.

Chief Pilot


Maintenance & Quality

We put your safety first. We have our own in house maintenance facility and staff, and our fleet is serviced around the clock.

Gudjon Marteinsson Nordurflug Helicopter Tours

Technical Director

The Office

First impressions are important, and we always want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible, and not just during the tour itself! It starts during the initial correspondence either through phone or email, and it continues with the face to face conversation right before the tour starts. Our sales department staff is always welcoming, and with a smile on their face will offer you the best and most accommodating services.

Sales Manager

Work for Nordurflug

Would you like to work for Norðurflug? The company is growing and we might be looking for new team members. Please send a line along with your CV to

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