August 24, 2017 Norðurflug

Responsible Tourism: Norðurflug’s goals

Norðurflug Helicopter Tours belongs to the Responsible Tourism foundation since January of this year. We have set ourselves a number of goals to become more responsible when it comes to nature, tourism and our local community.

Our goals are set up by genre:

The environment

  •  To recycle paper, plastic, organic waste, bottles and batteries at the office/base
  •  To minimize the use of plastic at the office and during our tours.
  •  To purchase environmentally friendly products whenever possible
  •   To only use recycled paper for our brochure

Our guests

  • Ensure the safety and comfort of our guests
  • To treat our guests with courtesy

Our staff

  • To prepare a manual for all staff members
  • To make Norðurflug Helicopter Tours an enjoyable workplace where people enjoy coming to work and would recommend to others as a good employer.
  • Being a family friendly company

Our community

  •  To prepare a yearly plan of charities we support.



From left: CEO Birgir, marketing manager Eva and Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, president of Iceland and protector of the Responsible Tourism initiative

The Norðurflug Team on a Buggy tour with one of our partner companies. In the yellow jacket is pilot Sólveig’s daughter, Unnur, an honorary member of the Norðurflug Family 🙂

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