1. Where are you from? Iceland
  2. Do you have a nickname? Kimi
  3.   How long have you worked for Norðurflug? Since June 2013
  4.   What part of this job makes you the happiest? Working with a good group of people
  5.   What is your favourite tour and why? Essential Iceland
  6.   What is your favourite place in Iceland you’ve been so far? Búðardalur on Skarðströnd
  7.   What’s your guilty pleasure song, the one you can’t help but sing out loud in the car? Total eclips of the heart
  8. If we were to ask your best friend, what’s your most embarrassingly funny moment? Way to many, you would be in for a long night of storys if you bump into him.
  9.    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed? Kangaroo and black bear.
  10. You’re being shipped off to a deserted island, what is the first thing you pack? Beer and a pair of dry socks, life is so much easier when your feet are dry.
  11.  What never fails to make you laugh? Alot of things ! Friends and family for example.
  12.  What would be the best superpower in your opinion, and why? Teleporting would be nice, no more traffic jams in the morning !
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