Gisli Matthias Gislason Nordurflug Helicopter Tours


  1. Where are you from? I come from a small Island south of Iceland called Westman Islands, but I was born in Reykjavík beacause in 1973 there was an eruption on the Island and it lasted for 6 months and the island had to be evacuated. I moved back to Westman Island when I was 6 months old and grew up next to a brand new volcano, and now it´s my job to show people Volcanos.
  1. Do you have a nickname? Gilli #mylifeasahelicopterpilot
  1. How long have you worked for Norðurflug? I have been flying for Norðurflug since 2010, but I finished my commercial licence 1997.
  1. What part of this job makes you the happiest? I´m always surrounded by happy people, people are relaxed on vacation and it is very easy to impress people with the landscape we have here. And I love to make great memories with our passengers.
  1. What is your favourite tour and why? I love all the tours we offer, and my favorite tour is always the tour that I´am flying at that moment. We can make great memories  in both shorter and longer tours.
  1. What is your favourite place in Iceland you’ve been so far? I Love my hometown Westman Islands and Landmannalaugar area is really beautiful.
  1. What’s your guilty pleasure song, the one you can’t help but sing out loud in the car? I´m a English man in New York with Sting
  1. If we were to ask your best friend, what’s your most embarrassingly funny moment? When I didn’t recognize the famous hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhal when we were flying and filming with him and Bear Grylls here in Iceland. Talked to him for a long time and thought he was some stunt man in the tv show.  Have many story simlar like this one,  so I always try to act like the passengers are famous movie stars, just to be sure.
  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed? It’s tradition to eat smoked puffins in Westman Islands.  Foreigners think I’m crazy to eat this cute birds.
  1. You’re being shipped off to a deserted island, what is the first thing you pack? My mobile phone  and my GoPro camera
  1. What never fails to make you laugh? Kids and toddlers never fail to make me laugh
  1. What would be the best superpower in your opinion, and why? To be always smiling. The best  gift you can give to anyone is Smile. It doesn’t cost anything but give most precious thing to others, that is happiness.
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