Eva Eiriksdottir Nordurflug Helicopter Tours in Iceland


  1. Where are you from? I´m from Akranes, the greates town in Iceland, maybe the world.
  2. Do you have a nickname? Is there a story of how you got it? My friend Stefan calls me Ericsson, there is a funny story behind it that won´t be revealed here!
  3.  How long have you worked for Norðurflug? Since February 2016! Feels longer though 🙂
  4. What part of this job makes you the happiest? How everything works out in the end! It always does.
  5. That is your favourite tour and why? The Geothermal Tour is the first tour I went on and my absolute favorite. You see so much in only one hour!
  6. What is your favourite place in Iceland you’ve been so far? I´m a big fan of Seyðisfjörður in the East and the Westfjords BUT my secret favourite place is the Laugarnes beach right here in Reykjavik. It´s a tiny place right in the heart of the city, close to Laugardalur valley, where I live. It´s a historically significant place for Icelanders but not many people know about it. As soon as you have walked over the grassy field to the beach all the city noises disappear and you here the waves and the seagulls. You have an amazing view over Harpa and the city skyline, the Esja, Akranes and Skarðsheiði and the Viðey island. It´s a tiny haven….. now I´m regretting telling you about it 😉 It´s mine!
  7. What’s your guilty pleasure song, the one you can’t help but sing out loud in the car? I have one for every occasion 😉 Most of the time I spent in my car I have my 3 year old with me and we do an excellent duet of various children’s tunes.
  8. If we were to ask your best friend, what’s your most embarrassingly funny moment?am the group’s expert in saying the wrong thing at the wrong time! But my friends are good people and would not share my embarrassing stories. Unless you give them wine. Don´t give them wine.
  9. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed? I lived in Mumbai, India for a few months and ate A LOT of weird things. A lot of “street food”. Got sick a few times too but that comes with travelling 😉
  10. You’re being shipped off to a deserted island, what is the first thing you pack? Lip balm! I have insanely dry lips. My life is a struggle.
  11. What never fails to make you laugh? Kristen Wiig is my idol! Everything she does makes me laugh. Hi Kristen I LOVE YOU!
  12. What would be the best superpower in your opinion, and why? Teleportation. I take the bus to work and I hate waiting!
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