Iceland, a tiny, football nation

As a football player in Iceland, you get used to playing football in all kinds of weather. Every footballer here has experienced a practice where the wind is so heavy that the goals won’t stay put, or the weather is so freezing that it literally hurts every time you hit the ball. It’s for sure […]

Norðurflug receives the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce we have been granted the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the sixth year in a row. This is both an honor we cherish and an accomplishment we take great pride in. We strive every day towards providing outstanding customer service to our customers. A big THANK YOU to our wonderful […]

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A few times a year we send out our Newsletter. It can include offers, like the Tour Of The Month offer, something for Christmas, for weddings or confirmations. We also send news on the company and staff, when someone graduates, gets a promotion or of Norðurflug has any new awards and recognition. Please click here […]

Finally an Airbus helicopter in Iceland!

Our team is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Norðurflug Helicopter Tours fleet! As we say farewell to our beloved Dauphin  (which means crown prince in french) we welcome the “king” of passenger helicopters: Airbus EC 130 The Airbus EC 130 (also known as Eurocopter EC 130) is designed for sightseeing flights and […]

Mountain Top Proposal in Iceland

In beginning of April this year we had such a unique Reykjavik Summit tour. There where two couples on this tour, complete strangers, one couple from France and the other from USA. It just so happened that one passenger was planning on proposing on the mountaintop and one passenger was a professional photographer! So when […]

Colors of Iceland theme on Instagram

For the next few weeks we will be honoring the variety of colors in the Icelandic nature on our Instagram page. Iceland is a geologically young, volcanic island. It’s one of the latest humanly inhabited places on earth and therefore has vast amounts of virtually untouched land. Over the course of the last 12 years […]

Vegans traveling in Iceland – Don´t panic!

It seems that more and more people around the world are choosing a vegan lifestyle. Iceland is no exception in that department so if you are a vegan traveler in Iceland, you don´t have to worry! There is plenty to choose from! Here is a list of a few restaurants that offer good vegan choices […]

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