Picture of the week!

As you can imagine we have ENDLESS access of amazing pictures and videos 🙂

We try our best to be active on Instagram and share some of the moments and memories that are created during our tours. This week we shared a picture sent to us from a customer. A gentleman planned a proposal on a private helicopter tour and brought a photographer to capture the moment.

This sweet snapshot of a moment in life shows the (just!) engaged couple taking their first steps towards a happy life together. How sweet!




Responsible Tourism: Norðurflug’s goals

Norðurflug Helicopter Tours belongs to the Responsible Tourism foundation since January of this year. We have set ourselves a number of goals to become more responsible when it comes to nature, tourism and our local community.

Our goals are set up by genre:

The environment

  •  To recycle paper, plastic, organic waste, bottles and batteries at the office/base
  •  To minimize the use of plastic at the office and during our tours.
  •  To purchase environmentally friendly products whenever possible
  •   To only use recycled paper for our brochure

Our guests

  • Ensure the safety and comfort of our guests
  • To treat our guests with courtesy

Our staff

  • To prepare a manual for all staff members
  • To make Norðurflug Helicopter Tours an enjoyable workplace where people enjoy coming to work and would recommend to others as a good employer.
  • Being a family friendly company

Our community

  •  To prepare a yearly plan of charities we support.


The Norðurflug Team on a Buggy tour

Nice catch Mr. Clapton

It’s nothing better but fish in a beautiful river surrounded by Icelandic Nature.
That is exactly what Eric Clapton did this summer.
Clapton landed one of the biggest salmon this summer in Vatnsdalsá in Austur- Húnavatnssýslu.
This is not the first time Clapton comes to Iceland to fish ,he has been coming here since 2009.
If fishing is not your hobby you can also see the rivers and Icelandic nature via air. Our Essential Iceland tour takes you over waterfalls and rivers.

Game of Rugs

Did you know that the capes used on Games of Thrones are actually Ikea rugs? Yes! You heard right!

In a talk at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles the show’s costume designer, Michele Clapton, revealed the hot tip.
“It’s a bit of a truth. We take anything we can. We cut, shave them, add strong leather straps and then breakdown, which is like a religion on Game of Thrones.
I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.”

Iceland holds many of the locations for season seven. Locations seen in Games of Thrones so far are for example Lake Mývatn and the lava fields of Dimmuborgir.
Fun fact, Norðurflug’s fleet of helicopters has been used for filming for Games of Thrones!

We need to take better care of our waste

Plastic waste is a problem in this world today, even in the most remote places. At the northermost part of the Westfjords is the nature reserve Hornstarndir. It has been a nature reserve since 1975 and it is one of, if not the most, remote place in Iceland. It is also very beautiful and very difficult to get to since it’s only accessible by foot. Even so, human waste finds its way there. It mostly washes ashore to the beaches and accumulates there.

Seeing so much garbage in such a remote place urged Gauti Geirsson to initiate a spring cleaning and for four years in a row, volunteers have joined him on this cleaning mission. People are so eager to help out that there has never been enough room for everyone that wants to. In May this year, 30 volunteers went to Aðalvík in Hornstrandir and gathered garbage, mostly plastic waste, that weighed 3 tons.

Gauti says “I think we can do much better when it comes to taking care of nature, and each and every one of us can take a look in the mirror when it comes to our consumption and conduct.”

See the full story here

Our pilot Gísli and Black Tomato film in Iceland

Like we have written before, Black Tomato and Iceland Luxury spent some time in Iceland this winter filming stories of Iceland and Icelanders told by locals.

The second video Norðurflug Helicopter Tours was involved with has our very own pilot Gísli (@mylifeasahelicopterpilot) featured as “the Adventurer”!

Gísli talks about growing up and dreaming of becoming a pilot, how it is living in Iceland and battling the weather and what adventures you can find your self having.

The video is stunning – just take a look!

Sigthts: Stóri Bolli, Hengill volcano, Reykjanes and many more!


Our new neighbors at Perlan!

Perlan Museum of Icelandic Natural Wonders is an exciting new exhibition in Reykjavík! Built in the one of Iceland’s most famous landmarks, Perlan, the Natural Wonders Museum already has set up an Ice Cave within one the the Perlan’s water tanks.

Perlan sits on top of Öskjuhlíð hill, one of the best sighseeing spots in Reykjavík (apart from the spots on our helicopters ;)). Öskjuhlíð hill is an old WWII landmark and has multiple walking paths around the old bomb shelters and watching posts from the US and UK army.

The Ice Cave is the first part of three and the exhibition is expected to be fully formed on May 2018. We are so excited for our new neighbors and wish them the best of luck 🙂

Pic from Perlan Museum



Arctic fox pups take their first steps into summer

Most of Iceland‘s animals are not originally native to the country but brought here by settlers. In fact, we only have one native land mammal that was here when the country was settled in the ninth century. We are talking about the one and only arctic fox that walked over the frozen ocean during the ice age. The arctic fox has a thick fur which makes it very well adapted to live in a harsh and cold environment like Iceland. It is camouflage as well, white during winter and dark during summer to match the snow and dirt. A photographer in the south of Iceland recently caught a video of arctic fox mum and her pups crawling out of their den for the first time. Click here to see the very cute pups take their first steps into life.

Earthquakes in Iceland

Last night, on the 26th of June, there was a series of over 40 earthquakes north of Iceland. These earthquakes are connected to the movement of the tectonic plates and are not unusual here in Iceland even though these were quite many and some quite large. To read about the tectonic movement and why there are so many earthquakes in Iceland, click here.

Twenty humpbacks hanging out in Eyjafjörður

If you are visiting Akureyri this week you might spot a group of humpback whales hanging around the Eyjafjörður fjord! Experts in the area estimate there is a group of 20 whales swimming unusually close to the shore.


The Humpback whale population is growing every year. The species has been on the “endangered species” list since 1956 but since the late eighties they have grown from only 2.000 to 10.-15.000 today!


Eyjafjörður is also home to a number of porpoises, minke whales and dolphins.


Read all about it here!


Picture from Elding Whale Watching.


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