Thank you for your interest in Norðurflug Helicopter Tours. If your request involves joining a tour in exchange for media, please email us at Please include links to your social media platforms, publishers, travel dates and what ever might be relevant. If you are a reporter, an editor’s note is required. We are highly selective since we do get A LOT of these requests. 

By accepting a free /discounted tour with Norðurflug Helicopter Tours you accept the following terms and sign a waiver in our office before the tour:

  • To give Norðurflug full property rights to all photos and videos taken during the tour, to be used for marketing purposes and possible third party use.

  • To link to Norðurflug in all social media posts using @nordurflug and #nordurflug

  • To link to the Norðurflug website, in all websites, blogs, articles the press/media agent might publish following the tour.

  • To clearly state in your article/post that you have received a free tour or discounted tour as per Icelandic law on hidden advertisements.

  • To write the website in any paper article that might be published.

We require everyone to post a minimum of 4 pictures on each social media (if relevant) from the flight within 2 weeks. If our conditions are not met, we reserve the right to charge you for the full amount of the tour.

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