February 3, 2016 Kelsey

Into the Glacier

There have been tours to go hiking over glaciers, you can view glaciers from above and  you can even to stand right at the bottom – gazing up at these majestic natural occurences – but not often do you get the chance to go INSIDE a glacier. I had the absolute pleasure of making this unbelievable dream a reality. This is all possible at Langökull, which is Iceland’s longest glacier – the name literally means “long glacier”! Here at Norðurflug we’ve become experts at flying above this landmark and even landing on top of it. Now, the company Into The Glacier have made it possible for us to now go inside this very glacier.

I ended up on this tour in the middle of a hardcore Icelandic blizzard, making it hard to pick out the opening to the man made tunnel amongst the vast white backdrop. But don’t be fooled by this tiny looking cave entrance… Once you make it inside you are greeted by silence, fresh air, and a spacious area to explore.

Thinking about the fact that there is 250 feet of pure glacier above and below you is truly unfathomable. The mere idea seems crazy, but to actually put yourself this situation is exhilarating. For me, it was definitely a satisfying check mark on the bucket list! Inside the glacier you are able to see the markings of all the sand, dust and dirt that gets compacted with the snow into each layer of glacier from year to year, just like the rings in a tree trunk. You see pockets of pure water that stand out bright blue where water has flash frozen, and giant cracks in the glacier called crevasses. They even have a “chapel” room where someone proposed and where a wedding is set to happen in the next coming months! I guess you just haven’t seen it all, until you attend a wedding in Iceland inside their longest glacier.

While it is absolutely incredible to fly over a glacier, it makes the experience all encompassing to add the exploration inside of the massive piece of ice.


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