June 8, 2016 Norðurflug

Hello Hollywood

Hollywood has consistently increased it´s standards for productions over the past few years. From developments in technology, to increased on-site productions. The ever-growing demand for large-scale films has brought more and more projects to Iceland. After all, it is no secret that the island is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural beauties in the world! Each year, producers and directors set their sights on the Arctic Circle to make their “Blockbuster” ideas comes to life.

Norðurflug is the largest and most experienced helicopter company in the private sector in Iceland. Our fleet of 4 helicopters have each been used for filming TV shows, movies, documentaries and music videos.

Factors like risk assessment, permits, fuel planning, and performance play a key role in any film project. We have the experience to handle challenging weather conditions, landscapes, the technical needs of filming!

Of course, our main focus is sightseeing! All of our tours give you the chance to see some of the beautiful landscapes captured in some of the film projects we have helped with. Check out our Wall of Fame to see the full list of our projects.

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