Heli-Ice Caving

Heli-Ice Caving

What better way to start your day then taking an aerial tour of the city, and getting the best view and the surrounding mountains and lava fields. We make our first landing on the old Hengill volcano - a peacefully remote area where you get the chance to witness, smell and feel the geothermal energy Iceland has been blessed with. After a quick warm up, we overfly the tectonic rift separating America and Europe in the historical Þingvellir National Park. Here you'll get to truly experience how the earth is always changing and evolving. We continue our tour to Langjökull, Europe's second largest glacier, and land right at the glacier rim. Now it's time to "cool down" and explore the glacier from the inside by the help of a man made ice tunnel. Take your picture inside a bright and frigid piece of landscape, and delve even further into the natural wonders that make Iceland a magical place to visit. You can either make a round trip in the helicopter for 189.400 ISK per person or go by helicopter to the Ice tunnel and take a car ride back to Reykjavik for 159.800 ISK per person. Sights: Hengill Volcano, Þingvellir National Park, Langjökull Glacier


from 159.800 to 189.400 ISK per person


3,5 hours - 6 hours




4 Persons

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