Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate

Give an experience for Christmas! *The Christmas Gift Certificate is none refundable and valid from January 1st 2020 for one year* This Christmas we are offering one of our most popular tour, Reykjavik Summit, on a special Christmas offer, 22.900 ISK per person, instead of 31.900 ISK per person. *If you buy more than 10 gift certificates the price goes down to 20.900 ISK per person. The Reykjavik Summit tour is a short-and-sweet exploration of Reykjavik's vibrant cityscape and the mountains that surround the world’s northernmost capital. We land on a nearby summit where you'll have the chance to capture a silent panorama of the vast blue ocean that hugs the city shore and catch site of the small islands scattered in the distance. You'll see the crumbling mountains behind you that, with their grandeur, might simply take your breath away... as well as the steaming volcanic hillsides that give this “Smokey Bay” its nickname. From the top of the mountain you'll gaze over quaint and colorful settlements that sprawl out in the distance and into the vast Arctic and beyond. The total duration of the tour is 40-45 minutes. 15-20 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15 minute landing on a nearby mountain.. Depending on helicopter type and weather Please call +354 562 2500, drop us a line or press the BOOK NOW button here below to book this special offer. If you pay with Netgíró please email us the receipt and we´ll get back to you with all the details.


22.900.- ISK per person


The total duration of the tour is 40-45 minutes. 15-20 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15 minute landing on a nearby mountain.




no minimum Persons

  Terms & conditions for the Christmas Gift certificate:
  • The Christmas Gift Certificate is none refundable.
  • Valid from January 1st 2020 for one year.
  • We fly all year around if weather permits.
  • No minimum number of persons required to book the flight.
  • The Christmas gift certificate can be used as a payment for other tours with Nordurflug, possible to pay the difference.
  • Just like the airlines, we do have a weight limit for all of our tours. Any passengers over 120 kg / 265 lbs / 19 stone are required to pay for 1.5 seats in the helicopter.
  • If you lose the gift certificate, anyone who finds it can use it.
  • If you lose the gift certificate you can contact Nordurflug and we can invalid it and make a new one.
  • It is possible to buy this offer online (click buy now), we accept all major credit cards, it is also possible to pay on location with debit cards and cash.
Norðurflug Helicopter Tours reserves the rights to change these condition with out and notice.

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly in a helicopter, to the top of a mountain, to open up a bottle of sparkling wine? Well... this is your chance! This round trip to a nearby mountaintakes in breath-taking views of Reykjavik as you overfly the city. You will see colorful and charming dollhouse roofs, the neighboring towns and the surrounding countryside with extensive lava fields, reminding us of the true volcanic nature of Iceland. After a thrilling helicopter ride we land on one of the summits surrounding the city for the photo opportunity of a life-time. We pop up a bottle of sparkling wine while enjoying the scenic views of the coastal plain panorama, the cityscape of Reykjavik and distant mountains. Of course we won't make you hike down the mountain... we'll take you back safely in our helicopter. The total duration of the tour is 40-45 minutes. 15-20 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15-20 minute landing on a mountain top Also includes a bottle of sparkling wine. Depending on helicopter type and weather

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