Check out our most popular helicopter tours out of Reykjavík!

Up to 2 hour tours

Do you want to see mountain tops, craters, geothermal areas, volcanoes or waterfalls? These incredible features are just a minute's flight away from Reykjavik! You'll be amazed by how much you can experience on one of the following 20 minute to 2 hour tours.

2-4 hour tours

The further you fly the more amazing sights you see. Iceland´s landscape is so diverse; close your eyes for one minute and you will find yourself on a different planet!


See the most remote parts of the incredible Icelandic landscape! Traveling the country by car can take days, but you can see the best of what Iceland has to offer by choosing any of these exciting Expedition Helicopter Tours.

Combo Trips

Time is precious when travelling so we would like to help you make the most out of your trip to Iceland! Why not combine some of the finest activities Iceland has to offer?

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