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Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral

One of the most popular Reykjavik sights to see is the Hallgrímskirkja cathedral right in the city center.

Towering 73 metres into the air, this church is visible throughout the entire city. The unique design of this Iceland landmark is said to resemble the basalt lava flows of this country’s landscape. If you get the chance to go inside, I highly suggest getting a glimpse of the majestic and still operational pipe organ that occupies the whole back wall of the main room. Of course what makes this church so very special is the viewing tower at the very top of its peak. Pay the small fee to take the elevator up most of the way, and walk the few flights of stairs to catch a glimpse of Reykjavik city from relatively high up. You’ll have the pleasure of witnessing the city’s brightly colored rooftops and watch as the ocean and mountains meet in the distance.

As if all this isn’t enough of an adventure, how about seeing this monument from a true bird’e eye view?

In Iceland you have the opportunity to experience everything you see on the ground, also from above in one of our helicopters. There is something so special about witnessing this truly magnificent piece of architecture from the sky. You get a sense that it is important, as it is the first thing that captures your eye when you leave the tarmac. Hallgrímskirkja sightseeing for me, was an all encompassing experience when it included a helicopter ride.

As you’ll see in my pictures, you can only get a sense of its absolute grandeur when you see it in comparison to everything that surrounds it on the ground. Something that, in my opinion, you can only experience in a helicopter tour. You can imagine what it looks like from above, if it can even be seen from most areas of the city!

Kelsey hallgrimskirkja 2

Hallgrímskirkja- view from the ground.

Kelsey hallgrimskirkja picture

Hallgrímskirkja – view from the top.

FullSizeRender (3)

And finally.. Halllgrímskirkja – from the sky.+


By Kelsey Heide

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