We love weather live from Iceland

If you love weather, ALL weather, Iceland is the place to visit!

Last December the fun loving crew of We Love Weather visited Iceland and, among many locations, made a pit stop at volcano Hengill. Hengill is our landing spot in the Geothermal Tour. Check out the LIVE video below!

Inside Iceland – We’re on top of a volcano! Join Katie Linendoll live with Norðurflug helicopters! Will stay live as long as connection permits!

Posted by We Love Weather on Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Want to visit GOT filming locations this summer?

Well good news – Iceland is crawling with them and most are easily accessible (that’s Icelandic “easily”, some driving and hiking is required).

The legendary Brienne of Tarth and Hound fight was filmed in Hengill volcano. Located only a 30 min drive out of Reykjavík. Hellisheiði plateu is a highly active geothermal area which provides Reykjavík with it’s hot water and energy.

Þingvellir National Park serves as the Bloody Gate. The park is also just a 30 min drive out of the city and the exact location of the Bloddy Gate can easily be hiked to. Þórufoss waterfall is the setting for a dragon attack, a hidden waterfall close to Esja mountain outside of Reykjvík.

Dyrhólaey is where the Eastwatch is located. Dyrhólaey is one of the most popular sights on the South Coast of Iceland.

Kirkjufell mountain in Grundarfjörður makes several appearances in the shows. Grundafjörður is 2 hours away from Reykjavík. We highly recommend driving North out of Reykjavík for less crowded areas of the island.

Check out Marie Claires article on the locations in Iceland and around the world

Imagin Jewels in Iceland

Check out this gorgeous short film from LightBros Creative for IMaGiN Jewels! The glacier shot is from a unique, bright blue lake by the bottom of Langjökull glacier, one of the hidden gems of Iceland!

Blast from the past

Recently the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration published their forecast for travelers in Iceland for 2018.

By the end of this year we´ll have had 8.8 million travelers visiting Iceland. The forecast for 2018 is 10 million visitors!

To put these numbers in perspective, we looked up some numbers in the book of tourism in Iceland*. 

Seventy-two years ago, on July 11 1945, the first international flight from Iceland took place.The first flight took off from Iceland to Scotland with only 4 passengers. In the year after Loftleiðir (now Icelandair) started flying to Copenhagen and Prestwick on a regular basis. Loftleiðir started flying to North America in 1948. The flights to the USA were not regular, but they simply flew as soon as they had enough people to fill the plane!
In 1952 air travel passengers to Iceland were 1.696. In 1956 they were 22.000. It´s amazing to think how far we’ve come.
*Það er komin gestur, author:Sigurveig Jónsdóttir og Helga Guðrún Johnson

Never as many Icelanders on our tours!

Even though our service is aimed for international travelers we are seeing more and more Icelanders using our services.

This summer we saw an increase in Icelanders for around 35%! We are very pleased that our fellow countrymen choose our services and like to have greater number in the future 🙂

“Iceland’s leading helicopter tour operator” by World Travel Awards 2017

We are so proud to announce our win in the World Travel Awards this fall! Norðurflug Helicopter Tours was selected Iceland’s leading helicopter tour operator.

As the name implies this is a world wide award that celebrates excellence in tourism. We where so humbled to be chosen by voters across the globe.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!

Dramatic changes in the setting of the first Hollywood movie filmed in Iceland

There is no question about it, Hollywood definitely has had a very big part of the booming tourism in Iceland.

In the 1985 James Bond movie “A view to a kill” the opening seen is set on the (now) famous Glacier Lagoon.  At this point in time there was very little tourism in Iceland but the movie sparked an interest in this area that resulted in the first lagoon boat rides. In the years to come the growth in tourism was small but in 2001 the blockbuster film Lara Croft:Tomb Raider was partly filmed in Iceland and in the following years movies like Die Another Day, Batman Begins, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Prometheus, Oblivion, Star Trek Into Darkeness, Walter Mitty, Thor and Interstellar where filmed here and in the same time tourism exploded with yearly visitors increasing from 300.000 to 2 million (estimated) in 2017.

It is remarkable how popular culture can influence societies.

The Glacier Lagoon in 1984 (still from “A view to a kill”)


The Glacier Lagoon in 2017 (pic by Stöð 2)

Another remarkable thing you might have noticed is the changes in the lagoon itself. In this story from Iceland’s channel 2 (Stöð 2) you can track the changes year by year!


The lagoon only started forming around 1930 and has been growing larger (and deeper) every year. The graph in this story shows the changes in the  glacier as it climbs higher inland every year. Which means the lagoon you visit is UNIQUE and will not be the same a year from now.



We are happy to announce our collaboration with Reykjavík Excursions and Trip Advisor on their new campaign #unleashiceland

From left, Sif marketing manager for RE, Eva marketing manager for Norðurflug and Birgir CEO of Norðurflug

Unleash Iceland is a brand new tour with Reykjavík Excursions. To promote this tour RE have launched a sweapstake and the prizes are to die for!

  • A flight to Iceland
  • 4 nights in a hotel
  • Exclusive Lava tunnel tour
  • A VIP visit to the Blue Lagoon
  • …and the cherry on top! A PRIVATE helicopter tour around the highlands of Iceland with yours truly!

Click here to read the full description and list of prices


Here are some pictures from the highlands and glaciers to get you excited.

River deltas from a helicopter in Iceland



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