The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that we at Norðurflug have been granted the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the sixth year in a row.

What an honor

This is both an honor we cherish and an accomplishment we take great pride in. We strive every day towards providing outstanding customer service to our customers.

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful customers and partners.

Finally an Airbus helicopter in Iceland!

Our team is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Norðurflug Helicopter Tours fleet! As we say farewell to our beloved Dauphin  (which means crown prince in french) we welcome the “king” of passenger helicopters: Airbus EC 130

The Airbus EC 130 (also known as Eurocopter EC 130) is designed for sightseeing flights and is both more spacious and more quiet than previous models.

Airbus EC130 Qualities:

  • 6 individual leather seats.
  • 2 seats in the front
  • Most popular passenger helicopter in the world.
  • Very spacious.
  • Unique design.
  • Great 180° “IMAX” view.
  • Front facing seats.
  • Back row of seats is elevated to guarantee great view.

Mountain Top Proposal in Iceland

In beginning of April this year we had such a unique Reykjavik Summit tour.
There where two couples on this tour, complete strangers, one couple from France and the other from USA.

It just so happened that one passenger was planning on proposing on the mountaintop and one passenger was a professional photographer! So when this magical moment took place, photographer Juliana Laury, was ready to capture the moment! It was such a beautiful day in Iceland and these pictures brought tears to our eyes back at the office 😍 Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this!

Check out Julianas work here.

Colors of Iceland theme on Instagram

For the next few weeks we will be honoring the variety of colors in the Icelandic nature on our Instagram page.

Iceland is a geologically young, volcanic island. It’s one of the latest humanly inhabited places on earth and therefore has vast amounts of virtually untouched land. Over the course of the last 12 years we have gathered a number of great pictures of the Icelandic nature that we are eager to share with our followers.

Vegans traveling in Iceland – Don´t panic!

It seems that more and more people around the world are choosing a vegan lifestyle.
Iceland is no exception in that department so if you are a vegan traveler in Iceland, you don´t have to worry!
There is plenty to choose from!
Here is a list of a few restaurants that offer good vegan choices so no one has to go hungry;

Gló is a very popular restaurant in Iceland and is the creation of the entrepreneur, Solla. Due to her health, she had to change lifestyle and Iceland benefitted greatly by it 😊
The restaurant also offers chicken for those who can´t be without meat.
Kryddlegin hjörtu
It is possible to get meat, vegetarian and vegan choices at “Seasoned hearts”. They use first class fresh and local food production and local farmers. Their soup and salad bar are their specialty.
Aalto bistro
If you want to try a true Nordic style restaurant, Aalto Bistro is the one for you.
You will get new ingredients as the seasons change because the TV chef, Sveinn Kjartansson, will only work with the freshest food he can get each time.
Kaffi Garðurinn
A small, quiet café in the city center that offers a variety of vegan courses with a changing menu from week to week.
All the staff are easy going and calm as they all practice meditation to create a calm environment.
At the café you are able to get all sorts of cakes and danish and most of it is vegan 😊
We saved the best for last!
This ice crème shop freezes the ice creme right in front of your eyes using liquid nitrogen!
Costumers are able to choose between a cow’s milk or coconut milk. It is even possible to choose between a few different flavors and sweeteners

More and more gas stations offer vegan options to grab on the go. But be careful: Vega and Vegan is not the same! Vega means “on the road”.

The Icelandic Search and Rescue Team on the Redbull blog

Iceland has a unique team of volunteers that make up the ICE-SAR team. The Red Bulletin covered the story earlier today in an extensive blog where the author follows a few members of the SAR team on a open-sea rescue practice.

Click HERE to read the whole blog and see the breathtaking pictures from their extreme practice conditions.

Norðurflug Helicopter is proud to support the ICE-SAR team.
Screen shot from the Red Bulletin story.

Norðurflug CEO, Birgir, while purchasing “The Rescue Man” in 2016. “The Rescue Man” or “Björgunarkallinn” statue is a part of an annual fund raising initiative by ICE-SAR.

Norðurflug Framúrskarandi Fyrirtæki 2017

Okkur er sannur heiður að vera á lista Credit Info yfir framúrskarandi fyrirtæki ársins 2017!

Síðastliðin átta ár hefur Creditinfo unnið ítarlegar greiningar sem sýnir rekstur hvaða fyrirtækja telst til fyrirmyndar. Aðeins 2,2% íslenskra fyrirtækja ná þeim árangri að fara á lista Creditinfo. Við gerð greiningarinnar meðal annars horft til eiginfjárhlutfalls, ársreikninga, rekstrarhagnaðar og lánshæfi.

Norðurflug er fjölbreytt þjónustufyrirtæki sem sinnir útsýnisflugi, verkflugi, kvikmyndaflugi, þyrluskíðum, þyrlufjallahjólum ásamt öðrum verkefnum. Norðurflug er stærsta þyrlufyrirtæki landsins, bæði í vélbúnaði og fjölda starfsfólks.

Í aukablaði Morgunblaðsins í dag er umfjöllun um nokkur fyrirtæki sem náðu á listann. Birgi Ómar framkvæmdarstjóri Norðurflugs fer þar yfir stöðu mála í ferðaþjónustu og flugi í dag. Rætt er um stöðu Íslands sem öruggt land, áhrif krónunnar og landkynningu kvikmyndaverkefna.

Flying over volcanoes and glaciers in winter

Being a helicopter company based out of the northernmost capital of the world, facing different conditions is what we specialize inn. Working with, and around the weather is a challenge we welcome every day at Norðurflug.

This video was filmed by our pilot Gísli late November last year and shows the magnificent light we get in winter.

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