Satellite images from Greenland landslide that caused tsunami

On the Náttúruvá Facebook page there are stunning satellite image of the massive landslide that triggered the tsunami in W-Greenland last Saturday. The satellite images were captures by bots ESA and NASA satellites. Four people are still missing from the tsunami and are presumed deceased.

Náttúruvá is a group within the University of Iceland that follows studies on Volcanic activity and other natural phenomenons and how to monitor them.

You view these powerful images here.

Viking sword found in Iceland

A few days ago a viking sword was found in Dysnes, 15 km north of Akureyri. This sword is from the 9th or 10th century and was found in a boat grave. Boat graves are unusual in Iceland but in the last few days, archaeologies in Iceland have found two boat graves at the same spot. Those graves are on a larger scale than what has been seen over the last years according to Hildur Gestsdóttir from Iceland‘s institute of archaeology, who‘s leading the excavation. The sword that was found was in poor condition and the archaeologies had to be very careful transferring it. Hildur said:

“Yesterday morning we managed to lift up the sword with the help of a conservator. The sword is in such bad shape we had to lift it up in the soil. We dug around it, stuck a metal plate underneath, wrapped it in plastic, and then covered the whole thing with plaster. It was sent to the National Museum to be studied further”

You can see a video of the sword being removed from the boat grave here.

Tsunami strikes in Greenland

Our deepest condolences go out to the people of Nuugaatsiaq in Northwestern Greenland where a tsunami hit the shore yesterday, Sunday June 18th. Four people are missing and nine injured.

More details can be found here.

We at Norðurflug have close bonds to our neighbors in Greenland, both through our partners in Air Greenland and the many Greenlandic pilots that fly with us.

Don´t mess with our moss!

Icelandic moss is extremely delicate and takes years, or decades, to regrow once spoiled.

Off road driving is forbidden in Iceland and so is spoiling moss. Last week this horrific vandalism was discovered close to Nesjavellir.

Don´t mess with our moss, please!

Inspired by Iceland comes in second at the Effie Awards!

The innovative marketing campaign Ask Guðmundur –  the human search engine – came in second at the prestige Effie Awards in New York last week! One of the high lights of the campaign was getting a shout out from (now former) president Barack Obama as seen here 🙂

Norðurflug Helicopter Tour is a proud partner of the Inspired by Iceland initiative and we are excited for the next campaign to be premiered later this year.

Here is Promote Icelands’ press release.


Norðurflug’s associate, LAVA Center is “1 of 10 best new openings of 2017”

We are excited to announce that our associates in LAVA Center have been named by the Lonely Planet as 1 of 10 best new openings of 2017.

Here is The Guardian’s review:

For further reading;

Iceland through the eyes of locals

Black Tomato and Iceland Luxury have created a series of dreamy stories of Iceland, told by local influencers. Photographer RAX (or Ragnar Axelsson) is one of Iceland’s most respected and decorated artists. He was recruited by Black Tomato as “the visionary” for the series.

During the filming Norðurflug, a partner of Iceland Luxury, provided a flight with chief pilot Jon over the West of Iceland. RAX, who is no stranger to Norðurflug, has flown with us on many occasions before and always produces strong pictures from each flight: unique works of art.

Dreaming of Iceland and the Glacier Lagoon?

It´s spring time in Iceland and days are getting longer and brighter. Soon we can start flying throughout the evening, opening up a world of possibility!

One of our all time favorite summer tours is the Glacier Lagoon Expeditions. During the tour you fly over almost half of the island. Highlights include Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, Eyjafjallajökul volcano, Sólheimajökull glacier, Mýrdalsjökul glacier, Háifoss waterfall and many many more.

This video, made by our partners in Iceland Luxury, showcases our Dauphin. The Dauphin is the largest privately owned helicopter in Iceland. It sports 8 comfortable leather seats and a twin engine that makes it extremely fast and safe.

Can we expect more Russian visitors to Iceland soon?

Norðurflug participated in a travel workshop in Moscow in March with Promote Iceland.  The huge turnout and keen interest by the press and luxury travel agents indicates that we may be in for a jump in tourist from Moscow and Russia in general. What a great thought!

If you want to practice your Russian, you can read all about it here 😉

Flying from Moscow to Reykjavik is only around 4 hours. Adventure awaits!


Reykjavík. Picture by Benjamin Hardman

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