February 8, 2016 Kelsey


Bolla or “bollur” meaning buns, and “dagur” meaning day, traditionally on this day children would eat buns, until the Bolludagsbollur was introduced and things got a lot tastier. The Bolludagsbollur consists of pastry filled with whipped cream and jam, and topped with a chocolate glaze, so basically cream puffs.  Yes, you heard me right… there is a holiday in Iceland called Cream Puff Day! Just another reason why Iceland is my favorite place in the world.

It happens the Monday before lent, 6 weeks before Easter. The good/bad news, is that they are only available at this time of year, good for the diet but bad because they are so delicious. I feel very lucky to have been here to experience this tradition. At the beginning of this tradition, if the children woke up before their parents they would spank gthem with special bolludagur paddles and for each spank they would be given an extra bun. Of course this does not happen anymore, although it is one of the more whimsical Icelandic traditions I’ve learnt about so far!

You’re probably wondering what could make this tradition even more memorable… I say next Bolludagur, book yourself on a helicopter tour and eat this delicacy in the sky or up on a mountain summit.


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By: Kelsey Heide

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