Responsible Tourism in Iceland

Norðurflug Helicopter Tours was one of a group of Icelandic tourism companies to sign a declaration on responsible tourism.

Responsible Tourism is an incentive project by FESTA –  the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Iceland Tourism Cluster. Through this project, companies connected with tourism agree to set themselves a limited number of clear and simple measures of responsible tourism.

On January 10th the declaration on responsible tourism was signed in Reykjavik University. CEO Birgir Ómar Haraldsson and Project Manager Eva Eiríksdóttir attended on behalf of Norðurflug Helicopter Tours and posed for a picture with the President of Iceland, and patron of the project, Mr Guðni Th.Jóhannesson.



If you look closely it appears the president has a small halo over his head. A fitting image since Mr Jóhannesson is extremely popular during his first months as president.

Nordic Gods vrs American Gods

Iceland has a rich tradition for mythology and sagas of the Nordic Gods.

One of the oldest written manuscript of Nordic mythology, Snorra Edda, was written in Iceland in the middle ages. Being such an isolated country the language has not changed much and many Icelanders today can still read the original scripts!

The Nordic Gods have been the inspiration for many books, poems, operas and films. The most recent example being the blockbuster movies Avengers and Thor.

English author Neil Gaiman is a big fan of nordic mythology and in this video he visits Iceland to examine the origin of his book, American Gods:


Shooting aerial photos from a helicopter

We are privileged to fly with a lot of photographers, both amateur and professional.

This article from PetaPixel is a great guidance for those interested in getting some great aerial pictures from a helicopter.


The first advice is the most important one for photographing in Iceland: Proper clothing! Iceland is cold and even colder 1000 feet in the air 😉

Sorelle Amore on Iceland and seeing it from above

“…in order to fully appropriate this strange and stunning land, you have to see it from above”

YouTube star Sorelle Amore, was invited on one of our tours recently. The Australian born blogger/model/photographer has lived in Iceland for the last 18 months and in this short time she has experienced more of Iceland than many of us natives ever will 😉



This beautiful video is the outcome of her Geothermal Tour but is also has a great sum narrative of how it feels to visit Iceland and Reykjavík for the first time.

(We never thought we would find someone who loves Iceland as much as we do!)

Thank you Sorelle and we hope to see you again soon!


The Norðurflug Team.

Norðurflug website now available in Chinese/ 中文 !

Norðurflug is proud to announce we can now offer our website in 中文!!!

We now have our website in 6 languages, English, Icelandic, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

Check out our Chinese website.

Big shout out to our very own sales representative, Guðbjörg Ríkey, for her great help with launching the Chinese website 🙂

Guðbjörg Ríkey started with Norðurflug Helicopter Tours in the spring of 2014 but spent 2015 studying in China. She is currently studying French in the University of Iceland.

Do we have the best (multilingual) staff or what!

Everything you need to know about Norhern Lights hunting in Iceland

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon in the Norhern and Southern Hemisphere (Arctic and Antarctic) .


Northern Lights happen when the magnetosphere is disturbed by solar wind.


Guide to Iceland have written this very extensive article on Northern Lights in Iceland; where to look for them in and out of the city and which tours to book.


Check it out here!



(Picture by Special Tours)

You must be brave to sign up for this!

We have this fantastic combo tour called “Heli-Biking” with our partners in IceBike. Iceland is a fantastic place for mountain biking – but it’s not easy. You should only go riding in the company of professionals since the trails can be difficult to find and then there is The Weather! Icelandic weather is so unpredictable so having a local with you to react to changing conditions is vital.

A reporter from the N for Norwegian, the in flight magazine for Norwegian airlines,went on a fatbike excursion with Icebike founder, Magni this winter. They biked on the Reykjanes Peninsula and Hengill volcano and did a short helicopter tour as well.

Read all about it here (p.78-84)!


icebike icebike1 icebike2icebike3

Iceland, a safe destinations to travel too

The world today is not necessarily more dangerous than before, but we certainly have more information on any unrest! News travel fast and within minutes we can learn of any developments from across the world via social media.

Tourism is an industry heavily dependent on political stability. This has been the unfortunate truth for FranceEgypt, Tunis and many more countries that suffered a decline in tourism after terrorist attacks or threats.

With Iceland being repeatedly on top of any Safe-to-travel-to lists this has thankfully not been an issue for people visiting Iceland.

Apart from being easy to reach from both Europe and North America, Iceland had topped Vision of Humanity’s list of the world safest countries 6 years in a row!

Check out the Global Peace Index for 2016.

The main reasons for Iceland’s high score:

  • There is no army in Iceland
  • Low homicide rate
  • Police officers do not carry guns, therefore criminals do not carry guns
  • Since Iceland is an island there is no boarder dispute
  • High level of social equality



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