Amazing aerial footage from the highlands of Iceland

We can´t get enough of the highlands of Iceland!

The Icelandic Highlands is one of the largest unspoiled strips of land in Europe and Icelanders strive to keep it that way. One of the best way to explore the highlands is from the air as that minimizes the interference with nature.


Check out this post from Iceland Monitor featuring breathtaking aerial footage from photographer RAX and more.

Picture from our Essential Iceland Tour, taken by photographer Rafn Sig

Norðurflug’s associate, LAVA Center is “1 of 10 best new openings of 2017”

We are excited to announce that our associates in LAVA Center have been named by the Lonely Planet as 1 of 10 best new openings of 2017.

Here is The Guardian’s review:

For further reading;

Iceland through the eyes of locals

Black Tomato and Iceland Luxury have created a series of dreamy stories of Iceland, told by local influencers. Photographer RAX (or Ragnar Axelsson) is one of Iceland’s most respected and decorated artists. He was recruited by Black Tomato as “the visionary” for the series.

During the filming Norðurflug, a partner of Iceland Luxury, provided a flight with chief pilot Jon over the West of Iceland. RAX, who is no stranger to Norðurflug, has flown with us on many occasions before and always produces strong pictures from each flight: unique works of art.

Dreaming of Iceland and the Glacier Lagoon?

It´s spring time in Iceland and days are getting longer and brighter. Soon we can start flying throughout the evening, opening up a world of possibility!

One of our all time favorite summer tours is the Glacier Lagoon Expeditions. During the tour you fly over almost half of the island. Highlights include Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, Eyjafjallajökul volcano, Sólheimajökull glacier, Mýrdalsjökul glacier, Háifoss waterfall and many many more.

This video, made by our partners in Iceland Luxury, showcases our Dauphin. The Dauphin is the largest privately owned helicopter in Iceland. It sports 8 comfortable leather seats and a twin engine that makes it extremely fast and safe.

Can we expect more Russian visitors to Iceland soon?

Norðurflug participated in a travel workshop in Moscow in March with Promote Iceland.  The huge turnout and keen interest by the press and luxury travel agents indicates that we may be in for a jump in tourist from Moscow and Russia in general. What a great thought!

If you want to practice your Russian, you can read all about it here 😉

Flying from Moscow to Reykjavik is only around 4 hours. Adventure awaits!


Reykjavík. Picture by Benjamin Hardman

How to get the most out of your helicopter tour in Iceland!

Taking a helicopter tour is on many people’s bucket list. Taking one in Iceland is a unique experience that will very likely be a highlight of your trip to this volcanic island in the middle of nowhere 😉

To get the most out of your helicopter tour make sure to follow these five points from our staff members.

1. Be here on time

Reykjavík is a small city and public transport is not very efficient. Take your time to get to our base at the Reykjavík Domestic airport. We don´t want you to feel rushed – this should be a good experience from beginning to end. Once you are at our office you can relax in our reception, have some coffee and chat with the staff. Most of the time we have been in communication with our customers for some days or even weeks – we are excited to meet you in person!

2. Take pictures – but remember to also enjoy the view!

It´s exciting to see the landscape from a bird’s eye view. Here are some great points on how to get good pictures from the air. BUT don´t get caught up in getting the PERFECT shot. Put the camera down once in a while, take a deep breath and savor the moment. You are in Iceland. You are flying in a helicopter. You are watching waterfalls, crates, volcanoes, river deltas…. Isn’t life amazing?


3. Ask the pilot to take your pictures during the landing

Don´t be shy about asking the pilot to take pictures or pose for a picture. They enjoy it and they want you to get the most out of your tour.

4. Wear warm clothes and good shoes (no matter the weather!)

“Good weather” is a relevant term in Icelandic. Even on the best summer days, the landing spot (mountain top, glacier, volcano) might be chilly. Small gusts of wind can decrease the temperature quickly so make sure to bring a jacket, shoes with good grip (like hiking boots), hats and gloves. You are going to enjoy the tour so much more if you are warm 🙂

5. If there is something specific you want to do or experience don´t be afraid to ask!

If it´s possible we´ll make it happen.


Iceland Academy now with Chinese subtitles! 安全地拍自拍照

Iceland Academy is a project under Promote Iceland and promotes safe and sustainable travel in Iceland.

The videos are available in Spanish, French and German subtitles and now, Chinese!

*Pick your preffered subtitle in the CC button in the buttom right corner of the video.

Check out this online class on SAFE SELFIES.

Great Aurora forecast tonight over Iceland!

We are in the later parts of the Aurora Borealis “season” here in Iceland. In April and May the days are slowly becoming longer and brighter so the lights can be more difficult to spot!

Tonight however the forecast are saying activities are high and the cloud cover is not that bad either!

You can follow the Aurora Forecast here on the Icelandic Met Office official website

An even more detailed forecast can be found on the Icelandic astronomy website. It is in Icelandic but the pictures speak for themselves 😉

Happy Northern Lights hunting!

Want to combine two adventures in one? We have a Heli-Northern Lights tour! Check it out 🙂

Luxury in Iceland

Luxury vacation in Iceland - Nordurflug Helicopter Tours

If you are looking for a luxury vacation to Iceland we can recommend a bulletproof itinerary made by the travel writer Felicity Long!

See what she wrote about her recent trip to Iceland in the luxury section of Travel Weekly:



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